Digital Marketing

We want your business to

Work with us to create a fast, easy to navigate website that represents your brand the way you have always envisioned.

What we do

Covenant Consulting Solutions’ data driven approach to website design and social media strategies begins with getting to know you and understanding your business goals.

From there we develop and suggest the best strategies, designs, tools, and advertising approaches that will give you the online presence you’ve been looking for.

Our team’s efficient workflow makes site setup easy. We are always ready for your updates with easy to use content collection processes and focused strategy meetings.

Recent Work

"Thank you for an amazing website. You have exceeded our expectations and continue to impress.
Dr. Michele White

Social Media Services

Social media is a great place to advertise your business and let your customers know the latest about your products and services.

How we work with you

We meet with you via video conference to discuss online marketing goals, create a strategy for ad campaigns, and start the setup process for your accounts.

Using the information collected in our initial meeting and combining that with our industry research, we get to work on your ad designs. Once designs are approved by you, we get to work on presenting them to the world.

Our research into your business and customers gives us the information we need to send your posts at the most optimal days and times so they reach your potential customers when they are most likely to see them.

Recent Work