Why businesses turn to us for help

We work directly with businesses to develop a strategic plan, identify marketing needs, and implement strategies for business improvement.

Businesses are turning to consultants to guide their next steps now more than ever. Seeking help just makes sense if you want to strengthen the foundation of your business in order to support the growth you want to achieve. 

Is your business's foundation as strong as it needs to be?

Let us help you with...

Business Development

Relationship Development

Business Assessment & Analysis

profit center improvement

critical thinking

problem solving

strategic planning

process improvement

increased productivity


Strategic Planning

Successful businesses need more than just a plan

Strategic planning is a process companies use to identify goals and the strategies necessary to accomplish those goals. The strategic plan creates an internal performance management system to monitor and evaluate progress. For example, a SWOT or gap analysis can be used to identify the underlying factors driving current performance. 

Strategic Planning

The Elements

The strategic planning process creates a plan document that serves as a roadmap for the organization. While each organization is unique, the essential elements of any strategic plan include:


Mission and Vision 


Core Values and Guiding Principles






Key Performance Indicators

Although individual departments may monitor sub-goals, senior leadership is responsible for the ongoing performance of the plan.

After the strategic plan is established, all employees are responsible for executing the plan strategies and monitoring progress. 

In addition to the initial start-up phase, strategic planning can be a helpful process throughout the life of a business

Sales & Marketing

Are you meeting your sales and marketing goals?

We help companies optimize their sales and marketing strategy to increase revenue and growth. 

We do this with feedback and insights from your internal customers, external customers, business environments, and market intelligence by conducting a complete marketing audit analyzing the competitive environment and assessing everything from strategies to specific marketing activities.

Then we compare them with what’s working for other companies.

Our marketing and sales capabilities allow us to design and implement a strategic plan that meets timeline goals.