Get To Know Us

Meet The Partners

Chief Executive Officer

James Hayes

As the leader of Covenant Consulting Solutions, Jim draws on his 30 years of experience in national corporate business build-outs as well as operational and marketing oversights, to help others seeking more success with their businesses.

Jim’s successful track record of creating maximum profits through a combination of like-minded integrity and synergy is fueled by his passion for increasing sales and profit through business and network development.

He credits his inner drive and discipline to his experience as a dedicated junior national travel hockey player, and avid golfer.

Jim believes that business and life share important parallels with sports participation due to the preparation, attitude, teamwork, and execution skills learned to achieve the desired goal.

Chief Operating Officer

Della Wicklund

Positioned as a corporate vice president in the Las Vegas hospitality industry, Della started building her career at the Mirage Resorts. (eventually became MGM Resorts, Int). Through a nearly two-decades-long journey, she pioneered innovative processes and branding strategies that catapulted her retail division team into unprecedented success while setting a new standard for brand development.

After leaving the hospitality industry in 2008, Della started her consulting firm, DEW Sales & Consulting, that maintained a robust business portfolio consulting for superstars such as Criss Angel and The Kardashians. By building a network of sub-contractors and consultants, the firm coached clients to consistent, successful outcomes in sales, marketing, business, and organizational development.

Drawing on her experience as a global businesswoman, years of coaching and online instruction, Della, co-founder of Covenant Consulting Solutions, is continuing her passion helping people succeed as entrepreneurs in the field of consulting through Consultants Network and Consultants Academy.

Having a passion for health and fitness, Della is also a certified Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach.

Meet Our Team

Marketing TEchnologies

Scott Omlor

Scott joins Covenant Consulting Solutions as our Marketing Technologist. His knowledge and expertise in art design and direction, brand and logo development, web architecture, and digital product design support Covenant Consulting and it’s joint venture partners and clients.

Scott is responsible for crafting the creative look and feel of numerous websites. In addition to Covenant’s website, Scott designed and developed the site for Best You Academy as well as email marketing campaigns.

Scott also uses his creative talent in music to compose original content for commercials, short film, and live performances.

Business Development

Shelbie Kwartler

Shelbie joins the Covenant Consulting Solutions team with extensive experience in marketing, sales, and business development. Shelbie’s background also includes eight years in the health care industry.

In a staffing manager role, Shelbie also led a multi-million dollar company in P&L performance.

A Michigan native, Shelbie is passionate about building relationships.

Understanding the importance of learning and education, Shelbie has received a BA in Business Management from Capella University.